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WATCO Pro Series

Dependable. A precision system that is making the Pro Series System the choice of water treatment professionals.


User Friendly
Settings are easy to understand and use. With a properly set time
and program you simply have to keep salt in it.

Water Conservation
Allows each system’s settings to be optimized for maximum water

Choice of Controls
The Pro Series is a metered system with digital logics which allows forecasting of the water consumption based on actual usage, or the time clock may be activated for scheduled regenerations.

Gives you the option of what time you want regeneration to take

The six cycle Pro Series valve is motor driven, there are no solenoids or diaphragms to stick or hang up. This is the most reliable system for consistent performance.

Digital Control Display
Shows you what the system is doing.

Power Outage Protection
In the event of a power failure, the correct time and water usage
will continue to be monitored by a replaceable 3 volt lithium coin
cell battery and resets automatically when power is restored. All
system programming is held indefinitely.

Choice of salt tank sizes to fit most any space requirements.

Spec Sheet: WATCO Pro Series 

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